Media Cover for Communists
By Cliff Kincaid
April 7, 2004

Media coverage of so-called “anti-war” demonstrations has gotten so bad that many reporters don’t even mention the names of the communist fronts that organize them. Such was the case with the New York Times coverage of a rally in New York City on March 20 that drew several thousand people. The official sponsors, International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice, weren’t even mentioned. The communists behind these groups were even more anonymous.

“The protesters were middle-aged mothers, tongue-pierced students, veterans and bearded professional dissenters, who all came together in what organizers described as a broad-based protest of the Bush administration's foreign policy not just in Iraq, but in Haiti and Israel.” That’s how New York Times reporter Alan Feuer described the protest in New York City. This is a typical ploy by the media—emphasize the diversity of the crowd in order to mask who actually organized the event.

The Washington Post mentioned that a woman named Leslie Cagan was the “coordinator of the New York demonstration for the group United for Peace and Justice.”

It failed to note that she is a hard-core Marxist lesbian feminist active in a remnant of the old Communist Party USA called the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Cagan is a co-chair of that group.

These facts matter because innocent and sincere people are being manipulated into serving causes they may not endorse. ANSWER’s official demands for the New York rally included, “Bring the troops home now.” If this happened, the country would be turned over to foreign terrorists and remnants of the old Saddam Hussein regime. ANSWER is a front of the communist Workers World Party, a group so extreme that its officials visit and promote the hard-line Stalinist regime in North Korea. But if people in general knew this, most would probably not participate in a protest organized by ANSWER. So the media conceal this critical information, in order to inflate the number of people who show up and to create the impression that millions of ordinary Americans are against the war.

Meanwhile, patriotic Americans showed up at their own rallies, which got far less media coverage. Activist Jon Alvarez reported, “Despite the ad nauseam reporting on today’s events by the leftist media, there were patriots in the streets today, supporting their troops and their country. In Syracuse, New York, 14 such Americans, strangers to each other until today, assembled to brave the cold and the stench from the anti-war ‘peace’ protesters in order to let the troops and their fellow Americans know that they are not forgotten.” Fourteen doesn’t sound like a large number, but hundreds more people passing by in cars honked their approval.

Were it not for people like Jon Alvarez, the communist-backed “anti-war” movement would be unopposed. He says, “It’s up to all of us to show these leftists that Iraq is not Vietnam…Despite what the news media report, word on the street is that America loves and honors her brave soldiers…While they protect us day in and day out, we, too, must protect them from those who would spit on their service.”

Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of the AIM Report and can be reached at