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Immigration As A National Security Issue
By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
November 20, 2002

More than one year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, our nation is still vulnerable to attack and the media remain indifferent to the problem. This was the verdict of Michelle Malkin, the nationally syndicated columnist who has written a blockbuster book, Invasion, on America’s broken immigration system. "Our borders remain out of control," she said. "They’re open channels not only for illegal aliens and drug smugglers but for terrorists as well."

Malkin made the remarks at a recent Accuracy in Media conference, where she had particularly harsh criticism of the Wall Street Journal and its editorial page editor, Paul Gigot. She said his editorials on immigration reflect the views of "open border zealots" in league with Big Business and that the paper misrepresented a provision of immigration law that allows criminals and terrorists to enter the U.S.

Malkin expanded her attack to much of the rest of the media, lamenting the almost complete lack of attention given to the murder of a National Park Service ranger, Kris Eggle, who was gunned down on August 10 while trying to apprehend two men fleeing Mexican law enforcement who crossed the border into the United States. Eggle, who was only 28 years old and a former Eagle Scout, served in the Organ Pipe National Monument, which has been described as the most dangerous national park in which to work. Malkin said 200,000 illegal border crossers and 700,000 pounds of drugs were intercepted in the park last year, and that drug and alien smugglers have cut their own roads to facilitate their illegal activities.

While the broadcast and cable networks ignored Eggle’s memorial service, where more than 700 people turned out, Malkin said the very same day they were bringing the American people updates about the condition of Jason Priestly, the 32-year-old former star of the "Beverly Hills 90210" show who had been in a racing car accident. Malkin asked, "Why does a Hollywood has-been like Jason Priestly and his car crash deserve endless headline news reports while a young man’s sacrifice in defense of the borders earn zero national coverage?"

While praising the work of Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Malkin said most of Washington has ignored pleas for help. "Unfortunately," she said, "the Bush Administration remains far more concerned with appeasing Mexican President Vicente Fox than it is with protecting American men and women who are at the border on our front lines."

She also discussed the case of Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran criminal alien serving a 10 year sentence for assaulting two female joggers in Washington’s Rock Creek Park. He has been interrogated as part of the investigation into the murder of former Washington intern Chandra Levy, whose remains were found in the same park. He had reportedly exhibited signs of being in a fight at the time of her disappearance. Yet Malkin said she searched the Lexis-Nexis data base of major news media and had not found a single story referring to him as a criminal illegal alien. Instead, he is usually described as just an immigrant.

Reed Irvine can be reached at ri@aim.org