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America's Newspaper Endorses Sleaze
By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
October 22, 2002

Billing itself as "America’s Newspaper," the Washington Times promotes family values by running columns by Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Now its op-ed pages will feature Andrew Sullivan, an HIV-positive homosexual who supports gay marriage. Sullivan, who is often presented as a conservative homosexual, was exposed by the gay press for advertising for so-called "bareback sex" – that is, sex unprotected by condoms, on the Internet.

But that’s not all. On October 3, the Times ran a promotion for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his magazine. The Times said, Playboy has hired a new editor, and Hefner thinks less sex might be appropriate. It was presented as a man-bites-dog story. Times reporter Jennifer Harper must have thought she had a funny and amusing angle. But what she really did was conceal the damage that Hefner has inflicted on American society. An excellent example is found in the new book, Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids, by Dr. Meg Meeker. We caution you that what we will quote from the book is not intended for young audiences. So if any children are in the listening audience, you may wish to turn off the radio at this point. She described how teen sex was being practiced in a small upscale community of Conyers, Georgia, where more than 200 teenagers – many as young as 13 and 14 – were infected with syphilis.

Meeker reports, "Some of them had been holding ‘study groups,’ in which they watched, then re-enacted scenes from The Playboy Channel in their bedrooms. Preteen girls admitted to participating in an act they called ‘the sandwich,’ a series of perverse sexual practices.

Harper called Hugh Hefner "a man known for his silk pajamas and a gaggle of buxom companions." In fact, Hugh Hefner is a dirty old man who sexually exploits women. His own Playboy philosophy has been free sex and freedom from religion. His magazine has promoted marijuana, cocaine and LSD. Playboy has also promoted the sexual abuse of children. Dr. Judith Reisman did a federal study back in the 1980s on how Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines had all run depictions of children enjoying sexual relations with adults.

Harper said the 76-year-old Hefner has "from four to seven blonde girlfriends at any given moment…" She quoted him as saying, "Age doesn't matter, as long as you have your health." That’s an interesting comment from someone whose philosophy has led to sexual promiscuity and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This epidemic has exploded among teenagers. One, human papilloma virus, or HPV, causes most cervical cancer.

If those teenage girls cited in the Meeker book get pregnant and pass syphilis on to their babies, the children may develop skin sores, rashes, fever, swollen liver and spleen, jaundice, anemia, and various deformities. As they get older, symptoms include damage to their bones, teeth, eyes, ears, and brain. Experts believe syphilis renders people more susceptible to other life-threatening infections and cancers. That’s quite a legacy – one that deserves condemnation, not a puff piece, from the Washington Times.

Reed Irvine can be reached at ri@aim.org