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By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid


In our last commentary we discussed the establishment media's bad habit of refusing to print accurate obituaries of deceased Communists and fellow travelers who gave significant support to the expansionist strategy of the Evil Empire during the Cold War years. Even though they have belatedly admitted that the Soviet Union was the Evil Empire, as Ronald Reagan said, they can't bring themselves to admit that Americans who supported its efforts to subvert non-communist governments here and abroad deserve obituaries that tell the truth about them.

We cited the dishonest obituaries the media published and broadcast about Bella Abzug, who died recently at age 77. Abzug, a former New York Congresswoman, claimed to be fighting for greater freedom and democracy, but her record shows that she was a faithful follower of the Communist Party line dictated by the Kremlin. It's goal was to crush freedom and to replace it with replicas of the tyranny that caused so much death and misery in the Soviet Union, its former European satellites, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam and North Korea.

The obituaries omitted everything in Abzug's record that even hinted that she was driven by devotion to the Communist cause. The New York Times came the closest of any, describing her as "a leftist and an agitator" and saying that she "represented people accused of Communist activities by Senator Joseph McCarthy's Congressional committee and its counterpart in Albany." Even the conservative Washington Times gave no hint that she was anything more than a left-wing Democrat.

What might they have said besides listing the six Communist front groups of which Abzug was a member at the height of the Cold War? For starters, they could have noted that she supported the Stalin-Hitler pact signed in 1939 when many Communist Party members were leaving the party. She went along with the Communist Party's opposition to American support of Britain and France from 1939 until July 22, 1941, when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. What had been called "the phony war" suddenly became a battle to save civilization.

In 1948, after the Communists staged a coup and seized control of Czechoslovakia, Abzug went to Prague to attend the Third Congress of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, a Soviet front group. She was representing the National Lawyers Guild, a front controlled by the Communist Party, USA. In 1966, she signed a statement published in the Communist paper, The Daily Worker, opposing investigations of subversive activities by Congressional committees. In 1967, she supported resolutions condemning Israel as "an imperialist aggressor."

With the Cold War raging, Congresswoman Abzug demanded that the U.S. end the draft and abolish the Selective Service System. She introduced a resolution calling for us to withdraw all our troops from Southeast Asia by July 4, 1971, abandoning our POWs and Vietnamese allies. She also wanted hearings held on U.S. war crimes in Vietnam, and she voted against appropriations for the House Committee on Internal Security. Now that she is dead, we can file a Freedom of Information request for her FBI file. It should be interesting reading.

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