The Antidote to Hillary's Book:
How to Destroy a Village

By Jason Fodeman
June 5, 2003
Jason D. Fodeman is the author of the book How to Destroy a Village: What the Clintons Taught a Seventeen Year Old

No, I did not receive an eight million dollar advance. Actually I received a couple of books gratis and nominal consideration. Yet I am grateful to PublishAmerica for publishing my book, How to Destroy a Village: What the Clintons Taught a Seventeen Year Old, and affording me the opportunity to put into the public domain the antidote to the most pernicious epidemic since…..well since William Jefferson Clinton ascended to the presidency and promptly disgraced his office. For me the motivation was not to side step some inconvenient ethical rules and grab as much cash as I could before taking office. My intent was to write a factually documented tome that laid out the case against the Clintons attack on mainstream values and to demonstrate why expanding their influence would be detrimental to America, particularly America’s youth. My passion is to avoid another debacle like the 1990’s, when the Lincoln bedroom was rented out to the highest bidder and Hillary’s subpoenaed Whitewater billing records conveniently disappeared for a couple of years, only to emerge mysteriously in the White House living quarters. Remember Hillary’s fantastic “luck”, making a timely one hundred thousand dollars profit in commodity trading despite being a novice without an iota of expertise to distinguish pork bellies from silver futures? Does America really want to go down that road again and even beyond? There was the gunshot death of a close White House confidant with numerous unanswered questions. Hundreds of raw FBI files were discovered in the White House under the control of a former saloon bouncer with no explanation who hired him or what the files were doing there. No answers, but many fingers pointing at Hillary.

I guess she feels the dust has settled and everyone has moved on from the scandals and their aftermath, forgetting the economy was slipping into recession as the Clintons exited the White House, disregarding the corporate corruption nurtured on their watch, and ignoring their insensitivity to the emerging terrorist threat.

Frankly, I do not understand the excitement about Hillary’s book. Especially since everyone knows she did not write it. Does anyone believe she is going to come clean on any of the troubling issues raised over the years? This prima donna, who to this day is given a pass by the elite media, declines to hold real press conferences or expose herself to anything but cream puff interviews. What about an explanation for the firings of the Travel Office personnel and the persecution of one, merely to reward her cronies, or the hundreds of thousands of missing subpoenaed White House emails, or the illegal Chinese campaign contributions, or the “souvenirs” removed from the White House and the terrorist pardoned in the waning hours of the Clintons tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? And it goes on and on.

Why would anyone want to wade through hundreds of pages of spin and circumlocution when Hillary has repeatedly stated under oath and elsewhere that she can not remember or has no specific recollection in response to the tough questions? Maybe there is something to be said for being cunning, deceitful, crafty, two-faced, etc. but I do not know what it is, especially in our leaders.

She is a life long woman’s libber and public figure who failed to speak out against her husband’s philandering and abusive treatment of women. She has a history of membership in organizations with fancy titles depicting children’s interests that in fact are no more than liberal front groups. She never once decried the effects her husband’s escapades with oral sex in the Oval Office might have on the mores and values that parents try to instill in their children. To all of you who love Hillary, I know this is tough medicine to swallow. That is why I have provided the antidote.

Granted I want to sell my book, but I have no illusion of fame and fortune or even a stint in the limelight. My publisher’s publicity budget is zero. Any book tour would be a visit to the campus bookstore. Even they probably will not stock it, as it is not politically correct. I am an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, a premed student with a major in economics and no political ambition. My interest is pediatrics and my concern is for young people and the effects this dysfunctional family may have on them and future generations.

I am not naïve. I understand that people will be lining up to buy Hillary’s book while mine is buried deep in the bowels of Amazon.com. This essay, however, is not about sour grapes, nor is it just about politics. It is primarily about what lessons and values we want to bestow on our youth.

Do not get the idea I am just beating up on an easy target like Hillary in order to sell some chopped liver book of my own. My book is a carefully drawn analysis. It has support from such luminaries as William F. Buckley, Jr., Reed Irvine, Chairman Emeritus of Accuracy in Media and others, including a foreword by David P. Schippers, best selling author of Sell Out and Chief Counsel to the House Managers for the Clinton Impeachment. My book is a better read than Hillary’s because it defines the damage of the Clinton era and prescribes a formula for healing, the antidote if you will.

How to Destroy a Village: What the Clintons Taught a Seventeen Year Old addresses the likely consequences of the dichotomy between the Clintons legacy and the mainstream teaching of parental values. It leads to a conclusion that all too often parents prostituted those principles, turning a blind eye to the scandal while sending confusing mixed messages to their progeny. For children the waters were muddied as to right and wrong. It was a time that exposed the hypocrisy of parental guidance, demonstrating compromised standards, preaching lofty goals while falling short themselves.

The book connects the dots between the post bubble economy, corporate corruption, terrorism, the Clinton scandals, and ultimately their place in history. It projects a whole new dimension to the debate from the perspective of a young person coming of age at the end of the millennium. It deals with the future, not with the past, by extrapolating lessons learned during the Clintons heyday on to the rising generation. It relates how many catastrophic problems this Nation faces today can be attributed to the Clintons’ neglect, indifference and malfeasance. Hillary was not only there, in many ways she was in charge. In fact Hillary may be even more dangerous to the social order than her husband. Mr. Clinton stood for no principles, except what is best for himself. While he was willing to bend on any issue at the whim of the latest poll, Hillary is an extreme ideologue whose agenda places no limits on government’s reach.

Ultimately it is the very fabric of our society that has suffered as the Clintons prospered. This phenomenon has left deep scars on the soul of American life. Regardless of one’s politics all parents and all those loco parentis should read this book. The virus is still out there. Take the antidote.



Jason Fodeman is a student at Johns Hopkins University, and the author of the just released How to Destroy a Village: What the Clintons Taught a Seventeen Year Old.

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