Thursday February 26, 2004 Clinton, Character, and 9/11
Thursday February 19, 2004 Authors Assemble at AIM Reception
Friday January 16, 2004 USA Today Reporter Resigns Amid Allegations of Fabrication, Plagiarism
Friday January 9, 2004 Fine Print of "Stem Cell" Bill Goes Unreported
Friday December 26, 2003 Why Marriage is Worth Defending
Wednesday December 17, 2003 "Centrist" Gore Endorses "Insurgent" Dean
Tuesday November 25, 2003 Author Reveals Depths of Hatred in Muslim World
Thursday November 20, 2003 Judges Deserve a Fair Hearing in the Media
Wednesday November 19, 2003 Google Applies Double Standard to Political Vendors
Friday November 14, 2003 Lopsided Coverage of Partial-Birth Abortion

AIM Briefings are written by interns at AIM who want to set the record straight on important stories that the media have failed to report completely or accurately.

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