Mr. Paul G. Allen
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
505 5th Avenue South, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Mr. Allen:

You have been publicly identified as a major financial backer of Lions Gate Entertainment, which is becoming known for its violent, bloody, nauseating and vile graphic horror movies like “Devil’s Rejects” and “Hostel.” Movie critic Ted Baehr says “Hostel” is “an extremely gruesome and despicable horror movie with abundant sex, obscenity, gore, and nudity.” Now comes word that Lions Gate is trying to launch a national horror cable channel. We believe you should use your vast fortune to promote healthy and wholesome entertainment options for American families. Can we count on you to do this? Your legacy should not include polluting the culture, poisoning minds, and de-sensitizing the public to real-life violence. It is time to use your money wisely.