Ms. Lucy Dalglish
Executive Director
Reporters Committee for
Freedom of the Press
1815 N. Fort Myer Drive
Suite 900
Arlington, Virginia 22209

Dear Ms. Dalglish:

Your organization did the right thing in supporting attorney Allan Favish’s effort to gain access to the Vincent Foster photos in the government’s possession. We urge you to continue this battle for freedom of information by supporting the action of Judicial Watch in getting access to the records of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. The group says that Dean has sealed 400,000 records for ten years. Dean has cited his presidential campaign as a reason for keeping the records secret, saying their disclosure might be embarrassing. You have to agree with Judicial Watch that political considerations should not trump accountability. Throwing the weight of your organization behind Judicial Watch might be just enough to shame Mr. Dean into ordering the release of the records. Can we count on your committee to go to bat for freedom of information in this case?