Mr. Tommy Schenck
General Manager, WRAZ
Diamond View Office Building
512 S. Mangum St.
Durham, N.C. 27701

Dear Mr. Schenck:

Thank you for WRAZ’s decision not to air the Fox show “Married by America.” As your station noted in a statement, this is a program that demeans and exploits the institution of marriage in our society. It also celebrates behavior that is destructive and immoral. I find it strange that the same company that gives us the Fox News Channel, which has been such a worthwhile addition to the media by bringing fairness and balance in news coverage, would sink to the level of the “Jerry Springer” show with shows like “Married by America.” Because such “reality television” tends to attract many viewers, your stand against it shows real courage. We hope you will take this message directly to the management of the Fox network.