Mr. Phil Donahue
One MSNBC Plaza
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Dear Mr. Donahue:

I was shocked to read statements you and your liberal guests made on your show on Jan. 6 about the shortage of liberal voices in the media. Al Franken said liberals are interested in getting accurate information, not the false information spread by conservative pundits and reporters. Cuomo and Franken did not challenge your wild claims that there are no liberal voices in the news media, nor your idea that the Clinton's were "hung up on a $12 real estate deal." Gov. Cuomo was off the wall in claiming that liberal papers like the N.Y. Times "trashed" the Clintons. The fact is that the Times exposed but did not seek their prosecution for the crime of buying Webb Hubbell's silence. It has refused to report the proof that Vince Foster was murdered and the evidence that the real cause of the crash of TWA 800 was covered up. If you want to attract a bigger audience, ask AIM to help you expose these crimes.