Mr. Tim Russert
NBC News
Meet the Press
4001 Nebraska Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016

Dear Mr. Russert:

On your July 27 show, you confronted Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz with a statement by former Clinton CIA director John Deutch about a massive intelligence failure if the U.S. doesn’t find Iraqi WMD. Wolfowitz responded that the intelligence judgments made when Deutch was director were equally emphatic about the existence of those weapons and programs. In fact, as late as last year, Deutch declared, “Yes, it’s true that Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and has shown interest in using them.” You also failed to tell viewers that Deutch had pled guilty to his own intelligence failure-putting classified documents on an insecure home computer. Your homework on Deutch fell short of your usual high standards.