Mr. Chris Matthews
400 N. Capitol St. N.W.
Suite 850
Washington, D.C. 20001

Dear Mr. Matthews:

You have earned the labels of “silly” and “clueless” for your coverage of the Iraq/uranium flap. Columnist John Leo pointed out that liberal commentator Bob Somerby noted that you erroneously claimed that the President said Iraq had “bought” uranium from the “governor” of Niger. Somerby said you seemed “unaware of basic facts.” Research shows that you falsely accused the administration of saying that Iraq was “trying to buy nuclear weapons” and that the “traffic with Niger” never occurred. In fact, the President had cited a British charge that Iraq had tried to acquire uranium from Africa. And the Wilson report actually confirmed that such an effort had been made. Considering this record of distortions and anti-Bush bias, you should apologize to your viewers and strive for accuracy in the future.