Mr. Bill Keller
Executive Editor
The New York Times
229 West 43rd St.
NewYork, N.Y. 10036

Dear Mr. Keller:

Regaining the confidence of your readers doesnít depend solely on cleaning up after Jayson Blair. Major errors have escaped correction for years. The Times has ignored proof that the investigations of the death of Vincent Foster covered up a murder. On July 20 a CD was released on which Miquel Rodriguez, an assistant U.S. attorney hired by Starr, tells how his efforts to expose the cover-up were thwarted by his bosses and the media. He says he gave a lengthy interview to a Times reporter. A story was written, but it was spiked. In 1994, Dean Baquet, who was then a Times reporter, studied the evidence provided by AIM and said it raised interesting questions. He said an investigation by the Times would just raise more questions. Joe Lelyveld and Howell Raines held similar views. The Times has never reported that Rodriguez, refusing to be involved in another cover-up, resigned in March 1994. Itís not too late to shine the light of truth on Fosterís death. Try digging up that spiked story.