Mr. Tucker Carlson
CNN Crossfire
820 First St. N.E..
Washington, D.C. 20002

Dear Mr Carlson:

You generated headlines by losing a bet that Hillary Clinton’s book would not sell a million copies. It’s unfortunate that Mrs. Clinton’s lies about her own background have not received comparable attention. One of the mysteries has always been how and why she was transformed from a Goldwater girl to an extreme leftist. In our AIM Report, “Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Cover-up,” we note that her book has misrepresented the truth about her work for a Communist Party lawyer named Robert Treuhaft. She also ignored available evidence about her work on behalf of the violence-prone and racist Black Panthers. We note her book simply ignores her chairmanship of the New World Foundation, which funneled grants to pro-communist groups. If these were minor matters, Mrs. Clinton would have addressed and dismissed them. We bet that you have the courage to raise these matters on Crossfire. Will you?