Mr. Peter Bhatia
Executive Editor
The Oregonian
1320 S.W. Broadway
Portland, OR 97201

Dear Mr. Bhatia:

As president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), you, and your organization, bear some of the responsibility for the Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times. ASNE has been promoting “diversity,” even quotas, so that newspapers hire a certain number of minorities to meet “parity.” Blair was hired after going through a minority internship program of the kind that ASNE tries to foist on papers across the country. We suggest you read and recommend William McGowan’s Coloring the News, a book written before the scandal which documents how diversity has corrupted journalism. It might save some of ASNE’s member papers from the fate that has met the Times. ASNE should lead the effort to get back to the basics of journalism such as accuracy and objectivity-without regard to skin color.