Mr. Frank A. Blethen
Publisher and
Chief Operating Officer
Seattle Times
1120 John Street
Seattle, Washington 98109

Dear Mr. Blethen:

It has come to my attention that the editorial director of your Maine newspapers, David Cheever, was fired simply for running a controversial column on immigration. This runs contrary to your published statements and speeches about the need for an independent press and a diversity of voices. Mr. Cheever was a long-time resident of Maine who worked for you for over six years. He has a wife and eight children. Yet your subordinates ordered him to clean out his desk and leave the premises in one afternoon. You have said that family-owned newspapers take care of their employees and their communities. But neither was served in the Cheever case. If you really believe in giving your readers a diversity of voices and genuinely care about your employees, you should rehire David Cheever.