To the Editor.

Prof. Amitai Etzioni has written an excellent article about the failure of the graduate schools of business to teach their students ethics that helps explain the corporate corruption. I would like to see a similar article about the ethics of journalists and how much they are influenced by J-schools. Perhaps it would explain why so few newspapers, including the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post, failed to tell readers that a Pew Research Center survey of 1,365 adults in July found that only 35% believe the media usually get the facts straight; 67% say they try to cover up their mistakes, and only 23% say they are willing to admit them. That is a shocking report card, but for editors to hide it from their readers is even more shocking. The Pew survey has been reported on the Internet along with the terrible coverage the papers gave it. Don't the editors know they can refuse to run it but they can't hide it?