The Hon. Paul H. O'Neill
Secretary of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20220

Dear Secretary O'Neill,

I am writing to you about the column by Robert Novak concerning the 1,500 IRS documents released to Judicial Watch on July 8 in response to FOIA suits. Novak says these documents indicate that pressure from the Clinton White House and Congressional Democrats resulted in the IRS decision to audit Judicial Watch. Many other organizations and individuals that have been critical of President Clinton have been subjected to IRS audits, but Jesse Jackson's Citizenship Education Fund has escaped this costly ordeal despite widely publicized charges that the tax-deductible donations it received were used as a slush fund by Jackson for purposes unrelated to education. Tell me why IRS Commissioner Rossotti still holds his job despite his approval of politically motivated audits and the purchase of software by the IRS from a company he founded and whose stock he owned. How can we trust you, if you tolerate such misconduct?