Mr. Jack Sweeney
Publisher and President
The Houston Chronicle
801 Texas Avenue
Houston, TX 77002

Dear Mr. Sweeney:

      I regret that you carried only a 500-word story about the thick police report on the death of Clifford Baxter. It needs more scrutiny. The Harris County Medical Examiner, Joye Carter, won't reveal the quantity of Ambien, a potent sleeping tablet, found in Baxter's blood. Without that data, the claim that he killed himself is not credible. The police found evidence indicating that he may have ingested four times the prescribed dose on the night of his death. If so, he could not have done what they say he did-wake up in the middle of the night, load his gun with ammo unlike any he is known to have owned, drive his car a few blocks and shoot himself. Carter's refusal to reveal the amount of Ambien in his blood and the failure of the police to insist that she do so suggests that they know or fear that it will disprove their suicide finding. You should be able to get that information. If you do, you might win a Pulitzer.