Minister Peter M. Boehm
Canadian Embassy
501 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Minister Boehm:

      Accuracy in Media tells me that your government is upset by reports by 60 Minutes, Bill O’Reilly and AIM that Canada’s refugee policy makes it easy for terrorists to enter Canada and that there are possibly 50 terrorist cells in Canada. This poses a threat to the U.S., which has already suffered great loss of life and property from terrorist attacks. The long border we share with you is lightly guarded, and our efforts to keep terrorists out of our country can be defeated if Canada freely admits them. You say that Deputy Prime Minister Manley agrees that one terrorist cell is too many, but he apparently does not want to do what is necessary to eliminate them. Canada should follow Denmark's example and crack down on asylum seekers. They have adopted new rules to stop the inflow of those who lack valid papers. Those who don't qualify for asylum are expelled within 15 days. Why can't Canada do the same?