Judge Robert A. Eckels
Harris County Commissioners Court
1001 Preston Street
Suite 911
Houston, TX 77002

Dear Judge Eckels:

      I am distressed that the Harris County medical examiner, Dr. Joye Carter, is refusing to order an analysis that might prove that Cliff Baxter did not kill himself. Carter ruled his death a suicide before she saw the toxicology report. It showed Ambien, a potent sleeping tablet that has hypnotic effects, in his blood. There is evidence that suggests that Baxter may have ingested four times the prescribed dose only hours before his death. That would have rendered him incapable of driving to the spot where his body was found. The level of Ambien in his blood would reveal how many tablets he took. For Dr. Carter to say that this is of no importance is to say that the difference between suicide and homicide is not important. How can you employ a medical examiner with such an attitude? I urge you to ask the Dept. of Public Safety to do the test.