Mr. John Clark
Aviation Safety Office
National Transportation Safety Board
490 L’Enfant Plaza East, S.W.
Washington, DC 20594

Dear Mr. Clark:

     Your May 3 letter which tries to justify the secret recycling of much of the TWA 800 wreckage raises more questions than it answers. You say, “Your contention that the Safety Board required the recycling contractor to keep the project secret is not accurate. To minimize scavenging and souvenir hunting, Board staff asked the contractor not to publicize the fact that the TWA 800 wreckage was being recycled.” You say a request for bids was made public. Wouldn’t that have alerted the public to the recycling? News Channel 12 was unable to find any public request for bids. The contractor told them he had to make that commitment to get the contract. It was a “request” he couldn’t refuse. Why should the NTSB be concerned about scavenging and souvenir hunting after the wreckage was sold? This suggests a decision to destroy any evidence that could be used to challenge the NTSB’s findings.