Chief Earnest Taylor
Sugar Land Police Department
1200 Highway 6 South
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0110

Dear Chief Taylor:

     I was troubled by the way in which you cloaked your probe of the death of Cliff Baxter in secrecy. Now that you have closed the case and declared it to be a suicide, I see that you criticized the media for reporting misleading information. Don't you share the blame for that by refusing to release the information that you had? You refused to release the suicide note or even to tell what it said. That made it possible for a man who claimed to be close to a member of the Baxter family to spread misinformation about the note and the beliefs of family members about his death. If that was harmful, why didn't you correct it then? When you released the note you left doubt about its authenticity by saying nothing about how it was authenticated or if Baxter's fingerprints were found on it. There were no reports that you denounced the claims of Mrs. Baxter's lawyers that the note contained intimate family information and should not be released. How do you explain her efforts to keep the note secret by misrepresenting its contents?