To the Editor,

The media have gotten into the habit of referring to the death of former Enron Vice Chairman Cliff Baxter as a suicide. They do so in the absence of any evidence to support that finding. The investigation by the Sugar Land police department is shrouded in secrecy. The chief of police says he wants to tell everyone everything at the same time. But in the meantime he is telling no one anything. They have a gun, but apparently no family member has identified it as one Baxter owned. The police won't say if his fingerprints are on it. They have a suicide note, but family members who have seen it dispute that description. They say it doesn't even mention his wife and children. It is said that they don't believe he killed himself. This begins to look like a replay of the Vincent Foster investigation. The media should demand that the secrecy be lifted and the evidence be available for them and others to evaluate. Until that happens, journalists should not refer to Baxter's death as a suicide.