Chief Earnest Taylor
Police Department
1200 Highway 6
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0110

Dear Chief Taylor,

I am troubled by the secrecy surrounding your probe of the death of Cliff Baxter. You say that you want to give all the evidence to all the media at the same time. Why not hold a news conference and describe the evidence that you have found so far? You have a gun, but I hear that no one has identified it as his. Were his fingerprints and blood found on it? The autopsy found he was killed with rat shot. Was any rat-shot ammo found in his home? I hear that the suicide note doesn't refer to his wife and kids. Was it written in his handwriting? Has it been authenticated? Were any fingerprints found on it? Did it mention suicide? His family is said to not believe he killed himself. Why?

Your secrecy leads to suspicion that you are withholding all information until the media lose interest in the case and accept it as a suicide, based on statements made by the police and the medical examiner in the first few days after the body was found. Does that bother you?