Mr. Bo Jones
The Washington Post
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Mr. Jones,

The editor of your KidsPost page, John Kelly, has denied that the page tries to influence its young readers to adopt his liberal political philosophy and ideas. On Jan. 25, he published an article he wrote about Enron that belied that claim. It said that Enron had given money to both Republicans and Democrats, but the only recipients it named were President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft. Why not President Clinton and President Bush? It didn't inform the young readers that Enron's CEO, Ken Lay, had spent 11 nights in the White House during the Clinton years, a privilege that was bought with political contributions. Enron received far more favors from Clinton than it has received from Bush. One of those favors was an exemption from a law passed by the Republican House and Senate that would have barred Enron from creating all those partnerships that it used to conceal its huge debt. I suggest you keep an eye on what Mr. Kelly is feeding the kids.