Mr. Paul Gigot
Editorial Page Editor
The Wall Street Journal
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Dear Mr. Gigot

On January 22, The Wall Street Journal ran a column by Mark Lewis about a few passages in several books written by Stephen Ambrose that had been taken from works by other authors. Lewis also briefly discussed charges of plagiarism lodged against Doris Kearns Goodwin, letting her off easy even though a substantial sum of money was paid to avoid a lawsuit threatened by Lynne McTaggart, the author whose words she had stolen.

The day after the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., the Journal ran this column without mentioning that in 1990 it broke the story that Boston University gave King his doctorate, knowing that his dissertation closely resembled one submitted 3 years earlier. King's plagiarism in this and other papers was so extensive that it took two years to clean them up. You could also have mentioned that Alex Haley's "Roots" was so close to Harold Cour-lander's "The African" that Courlander sued and won over $500,000 to settle.