Mr. Tom Bettag
Executive Producer
1717 DeSales Street
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Bettag:

I understand that you sought the help of those attending the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association on how your Nightline series on homosexuality should deal with the charge that a disproportionate percentage of homosexuals sexually abuse children. The only proper way to deal with it is to tell the truth, and that is to point out that one out of 36 adult males is homosexual, but homosexuals are by definition responsible for 100 percent of the sexual abuse of young boys. It is estimated that 80 percent of sexually abused young children are boys. The 3 percent of the male population that are homosexual are responsible for 80 percent of the child sexual abuse and the 97 percent who are straight are responsible for 20 percent. You should point out that there are several homosexual organizations and publications that have promoted or defended sex between men and boys and no heterosexual organizations that have promoted child sexual abuse.