Mr. Peter Slen
400 North Capitol St., N.W.
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Mr. Slen:

I understand that you have decided that information about the cover-up of the evidence that Vincent W. Foster, Jr. was the victim of a homicide should not be discussed on Washington Journal. Your refusal to explain why you think C-SPAN should follow the example of the establishment media in withholding the basic facts and new discoveries in this important case is puzzling and disappointing. C-SPAN has earned our respect because it provides its viewers with information and opinions that others won't touch.

You devoted over an hour to the widely reported lies of Joe Ellis but refused to allow a discussion of new facts about the OIC's lies about Foster's death which are known to very few Americans. Lying by a professor to his students is deplorable, but lying about crimes by those responsible for their investigation has far more serious consequences. C-SPAN must help expose it.