Mr. Bo Jones,
The Washington Post
1150 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Mr. Jones:

The Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) has released service records of an x-ray machine that refute the claim that no x-rays were taken at the autopsy of Vincent Foster 8 years ago because the machine was out of order. The newly released records show this is false. The autopsy report said x-rays were taken, and the claim that the machine was not working was made to explain their disappearance. Without that excuse, it can be assumed the x-rays vanished because they showed unwanted evidence of a homicide

Ken Starr had a legal obligation to use the service records to force the doctor who did the autopsy to tell what the x-rays showed and what he did with them. Starr was committed to the suicide theory. He was not seeking evidence that would expose a murder. But the service records remain a smoking gun. Nothing prevents the Post from using them to do what Starr should have done.