Mr. Paul Gigot
The Wall Street Journal
1025 Connecticut Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Gigot:

Congratulations on your selection as Bob Bartley's successor as editor of the Journal. Perhaps by the time this card reaches you, we will have learned how you have reacted to Reed Irvine's article on the proof that Vince Foster did not kill himself. Dr. Alan Berman, Starr's consultant on Foster's mental state who thought all the evidence showed that he committed suicide, has admitted that he cannot respond to the evidence that shows it was a homicide.

The Journal's editorials accepted the findings of both the Fiske and Starr reports. I hope you are disturbed by their ignoring the eyewitness testimony that shows that Foster's body beat his car to Ft. Marcy and the lie that Dr. Beyer told to explain the absence of x-rays. This indicates that the x-rays did not support the suicide finding. A lot has been discovered since those reports were released. I urge you to help bring the Journal's readers up to date