Mr. Walter Isaacson
CNN News
One CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Mr. Isaacson:

I was pleased to learn that you are interested in making CNN more attractive to conservative viewers. I suggest that you start with a little housecleaning of the type undertaken by your predecessor after the exposure of CNN’s flawed “Operation Tailwind” story. That arose because those who produced the story so wanted to expose claims that our military had used lethal nerve gas that they ignored all the evidence that proved that this was not true. CNN has people in a position to decide what goes on the air who are not driven by a desire to find the truth and tell it. Someone was impressed by Jack Cashill’s video on TWA 800 and invited him to explain on air the powerful evidence that the NTSB finding on the cause of the TWA 800 crash was false. He was invited twice and cancelled twice. Someone at CNN did not want the official lies exposed. That is no way to win those who want truthful news.