Secretary Roderick Paige
Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20202

Dear Secretary Paige:

I am very concerned about the way in which the Department of Education has treated John Gard, the financial systems analyst who exposed the massive waste, fraud, and mismanagement that has resulted in the department's inability to account for billions of dollars that it has expended and in its failure to pass its audits for three years. President Bush is on record as saying that government employees should be encouraged to report wrongdoing, waste and abuse. Punishing John Gard does not encourage others to follow his example.

The abuses that he exposed are not your responsibility. Correcting them and punishing those responsible for them is. Mr. Gard should be honored and his talents should be used to help solve the problem. I urge you to seek his help in solving the problem and show that you want more whistleblowers.