Mrs. Eleanor Clift
1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Ms. Clift:

I know that Hannity & Colmes had you on their show opposite Cliff Kincaid to give the other side of the story on the financial mess at the Department of Education. You apparently had little time to familiarize your-self with the facts. Your response to Alan Colmes' question about whether John Gard should be treated with respect as a legitimate whistleblower was disappointing.

You said you weren't familiar with Mr. Gard, but you implied that he may have made his charges with no evidence to back them up because he is one of those people on "the right" who want to cut the department's appropriation. Do you think he would risk his career for that? Please take the time to get the facts and lay them out for Newsweek's readers as Cliff Kincaid has done for readers of the AIM Report and Fox is doing for its viewers.