The Hon. David B. Sentelle
U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
333 Constitution Avenue
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Judge Sentelle:

I hope that you and your colleagues in the special division will take a close look at the new evidence that three requests were made in March-April 1993 for NCIC searches on the gun that was found in Vincent Foster's hand. All requests for NCIC searches go through law enforcement agencies. Shortly before Foster's death, the gun that was used to convince the public that he killed himself was in the possession of either law enforcement officers or someone in contact with law enforcement. If they supplied the gun to the killers, they must know who the killers were. The Knowlton appendix that you and your colleagues ordered Starr to attach to his report exposed how his investigation was rigged to produce a suicide finding. I hope you can use this new evidence to get a real investigation of this case launched.