Mr. David Pecker
American Media, Inc.
5401 N.W. Broken Sound Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Dear Mr. Pecker:

I want to congratulate you for the good work your publications have been doing in exposing the corruption in Jesse Jackson's organizations and your scoop on Dr. Henry Lee's admission that he would like to see the Foster case reopened. Although Lee has denied having said this, Accuracy in Media has interviewed your reporter, Dawna Kaufmann, and is satisfied that she is telling the truth and that Lee's denial is false.

I hope you will do more of this type of investigative reporting. You are showing up the establishment media that have looked down on the tabloids. Keep your eye on and Accuracy in Media. They are on top of a story that should force the reopening of the investigation of Foster's death.