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WASHINGTON—The Washington Post damaged its reputation today by printing a story defending the paper’s use of a dubious memo of unknown authorship and origin. “The evidence indicates that The Post was part of a dirty tricks campaign against Republicans and that Howard Kurtz is now covering for his embarrassed colleagues,” declared Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media (AIM).

As reported by AIM last week, the unsigned memo, which had no letterhead, was used by Democrats and their media allies at The Post, ABC News, CBS News and other outlets to charge that Republicans really didn’t care about Terri Schiavo but only wanted to fire up their conservative pro-life base. However, The New York Times reported the memo had been “passed out” by Democrats to make Republicans look bad.

In a case that is coming to resemble the CBS “Memogate” scandal, Kurtz mounts a defense by quoting Post reporter Mike Allen and various anonymous sources as now saying that the document was “unofficial” and “a sheet of paper” and that a Democratic Party Senate official even refused to “publicly” discuss its origin. “It looks more and more like the memo originated from the Democratic side of the aisle,” said Kincaid. “The Post has been caught in a new ‘Memogate’ scandal and it refuses to admit or recognize it.”

The Washington Post and other media outlets who reported on this bogus memo need to admit their error.

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