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WASHINGTON, January 25, 2011 – Former United States Senator Robert “Bob” Smith (R-N.H.) today challenged the mainstream media to correct its under-reporting of the “Mystery Missile” that monopolized coverage for all of one day. As former Chairman of the U.S. Senate Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Smith was alarmed with the lack of interest in all levels of government with this potentially dangerous vulnerability.

“President Obama, who promised us an ‘open and transparent’ government, has again refused to tell us anything and the media could care less about challenging him on this matter,” Smith said. “The only thing transparent and obvious is the lack of concern for the truth and a doting Obama press who simply will not ask him what happened that day 35 miles off the California coast just northwest of Catalina Island. Let’s not let Congress off the hook either as the silence of most of its members is deafening on this issue. Where are the hearings, investigations and demands for answers from them?”

Senator Smith’s entire column can be read here.

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