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Press Release: The American People Are Mad and Refuse to Take It Anymore!

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Washington, D.C. — As Americans honor the service and sacrifice of our armed forces veterans and all they have done to safeguard our freedom in a dangerous world, this Veterans Day also holds special meaning for Accuracy in Media, whose founder Marine veteran Reed Irvine, launched America’s first media watchdog organization more than 40 years ago.

Over a decade before Rush Limbaugh began his national radio program, Reed Irvine was blazing the trail of challenging and undermining the credibility of the liberal media print and broadcast outlets. He was a pioneer who convinced the public to seek alternatives to the left-wing narrative of the “Big Media” talking heads like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. Before there was Rush or Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham, there was Reed Irvine.

Since he started a one-man, grassroots revolution among media consumers to demand truth and accuracy from the mainstream press back in 1969, Reed Irvine would be pleased to know that his life’s work has been vindicated by the situation that exists among the current candidates for the 2106 Republican presidential nomination.

Unlike any recent political campaign season, millions of concerned Americans are suddenly standing up for the outsider candidates and cheering their refusal to accept biased liberal media coverage and the media’s politically correct pronouncements about the presidential candidates’ perceived shortcomings. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where any press critiques of the current frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson only make their poll numbers go up further.

“I wish my dad was still here to witness such an outpouring of strong disapproval from media consumers,” said his son Don Irvine, the chairman of Accuracy in Media, adding that “It’s wonderful to see concerned Americans stand up, think for themselves and really hold the media accountable for the damage they’re doing to this country.

Reed Irvine died 11 years ago on Veterans’ Day.


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