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Post-Election, NY Times Still Smears McCain, Flunks Economics 101

November 6, 2008
—In response to a New York Times editorial published
November 5, Boycott The New York Times editor Don Feder said the paper continues to misrepresent John McCain and
display a profound ignorance of basic economics.

On The Times’ characterization of McCain’s campaign, Feder writes, “The Times claims Obama won, in part, because John McCain ‘forsook
his principles for a campaign built on anger and fear.’  The media has been feeding us this line since
the nominating conventions: mean old John McCain is cruelly campaigning on
Obama’s connection to ex-terrorist William Ayers and the Democrat’s promise to
spread the wealth.”

Feder said that although The Times rationalized Obama’s promise to redistribute income and
his past associations with extremists, both were legitimate campaign issues.

Noting that The
would flunk a freshman course in economics, Feder writes, “The New York Times fervently believes
that the way help what it calls the  ‘many
millions’ left far behind is to drive more corporations overseas, to take from
the wealthy the income they’d otherwise invest to create jobs and to regulate
the economy into another depression.”

Feder concludes, “When President Obama and a
Democratic Congress take a wrecking ball to the economy over the next two
years, who will The New York Times then blame for the resulting debacle? Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Sarah
Palin?” Read the entire rebuttal of The
editorial here [1].

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About Don

Don Feder is the editor of Boycott The New York Times. A former Boston
Herald editorial writer and syndicated political columnist, Feder has appeared
on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity and Colmes,” “Politically Incorrect,” “The
700 Club,”  “Focus On The Family” and “Fox
& Friends.” His columns have been read on the air by Rush Limbaugh, Dr.
Laura and Michael Savage.

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