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WASHINGTON, December 22, 208—Boycott The New York Times editor Don Feder today called The Times “the Grinch that trashed a Christmas classic” in response to its sardonic December 19 critique of the beloved film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

“[New York Times city editor Wendell] Jamieson’s piece reflects The Times’ worldview — individuals should live primarily for themselves; self-sacrifice is stupid; fast women, gambling and loud music are fun; and life is ultimately meaningless,” Feder observed.

The Times retrospective, titled, “Wonderful? Sorry, George, It’s a Pitiful, Dreadful Life,” scoffs at main character George Bailey’s selfless decisions to help others and argues that life would have been more fun without him. The author prefers Pottersville, the raucous gambling town in the alternate reality sans Bailey, to Bedford Falls, the idyllic small town that Bailey’s actions helped to preserve.

“Nothing more clearly illustrates the paper’s hatred of normalcy than its revisionist perspective on ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’” writes Feder.

“People who are world-wise are attracted to one type of cinema; those who are world-weary are drawn to the opposite. One is tempted to describe The New York Times as the Grinch who trashed a Christmas classic. But it probably likes the Grinch too,” Feder concludes.

Feder’s commentary is available here.

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