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WASHINGTON, November 14, 2008—Don Feder, editor of the Boycott The New York Times website, called a Times editorial demanding “equal space” for the display of religious symbols part of the paper’s “relentless drive to secularize society.”

In a November 12 editorial, The Times urged the Supreme Court to rule that a Ten Commandments display in a public park in Pleasant Grove City, Utah, violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause because the municipality rejected a request by a group called Summum, which wanted to erect its own monument.

Feder writes: “The New York Times gives the game away when it insists that public property ‘must be open to all religions on an equal basis – or open to none at all.’ In other words, a town that chooses to display the Ten Commandments – which are sacred to 90% of the American people and an integral part of our nation’s heritage – has to give equal space to every other faith and New Age sect that’s out there.”

Feder contends that The Times is distorting the First Amendment to promote secularism. He writes, “In reality, the Establishment Clause was intended to prohibit a state church, like the Church of England.”

“If The Founders thought giving one religion preference was ‘odious,’” he continues, “why was Congress’s first official act to hire a Christian chaplain? And why did the first Congress appropriate sums of money for Christian missionaries to the Indian tribes?  What about ‘In God We Trust’ on our currency and ‘One Nation Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance – which clearly give preference to Judeo-Christian tradition over Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Summunism?”

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