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WASHINGTON, January 26, 2009— editor Don Feder said today The New York Times’ total lack of coverage (except for a brief mention in the paper’s politics blog) of last Thursday’s March for Life demonstrates how the paper’s ideology determines its reporting.

“More than 300,000 people assembled in Washington, D.C. [January 22] for the 36th Annual March for Life. But as far as The New York Times is concerned, it never happened,” Feder observed. Feder was the keynote speaker at the event’s Rose Dinner.

He continued, “If 50,000 feminists had gathered on the Mall in D.C., to demand passage of the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, it would have been above-the-page-one-fold coverage in The Times, accompanied by an aerial photo of the crowd.”

Notwithstanding that the March for Life is the largest annual event of its kind in D.C., Feder noted, The Times didn’t even run a few sentences on it in the National Briefing box, which summarizes U.S. news. The paper did mention the march in its blog “The Caucus,” but excluded the event from its print edition.

Feder questioned the paper’s decision to disregard the pro-life protest in favor of “non-news” like “No Snickering: That Road Sign Means Something Else” (three-quarters of a page on A6, about signs with a double entendre in the U.K.), “Boise Region Grapples With Smog, a Growing Threat” (a half-page on A12) and “Heat and Drought Blamed for Tree Deaths in West” (A13).”

“Once again, The New York Times makes the news fit its agenda,” Feder concluded.

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