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WASHINGTON, February 11, 2009—Regarding the paper’s coverage of President Obama’s stimulus package, BoycottNYT editor Don Feder observed, “Instead of reading The New York Times, you could go directly to the website of the Democratic National Committee. Either way, you’ll get the same balance.”

In a posting today, Feder notes that a front-page story in yesterday’s Times included quotes from the president and his supporters, but not one from an opponent of the bill.

“What was missing from the piece were dissenting voices. Apparently, The New York Times couldn’t find one Republican congressman to quote, an economist who thinks the stimulus plan is voodoo economics, or an opinion poll to complement the article,” Feder noted.  According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 62% of voters want more tax cuts and less spending.

A Monday posting on the site observed that in a February 6 story, The Times attempted to rationalize Japan’s failure to spend its way out of a recession.

Feder reported that in the article, The Times constantly quoted unnamed economists said to believe that spending $6.3 trillion over the course of 20 years could have worked, if only Tokyo had done it the Obama way. In the end, it named exactly one economist who agreed with that position. It ignored over 200 economists, including several Nobel laureates, who signed a full-page ad that ran in The Times on January 26 declaring that they did not “believe government spending is a way to improve economic performance.”

The New York Times has spent the past few weeks pushing the Democrats’ Porky Pig-ulus Spending Package,” Feder wrote.” Like other causes the paper takes up, its advocacy extends to the alleged news pages.”

Feder’s commentary on The New York Times’ coverage of the stimulus bill is available here:

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