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WASHINGTON, February 3, 2009—In an editorial on Sunday, The New York Times urged the GOP to ignore immigration reform advocates – and opinion polls – and adopt the same open-borders posture as the Democrats. In a posting on the Boycott The New York Times website, editor Don Feder said the editorial included all of The Times’ favorite smears for opponents of illegal immigration.

The New York Times managed to get the following ad hominems into yesterday’s immigration editorial: ‘racialist extremism,’ ‘nativism of fringe right-wingers,’ ‘white-supremacist views’ and (that old standby of the anti-sovereignty left) ‘Know-Nothings,’” Feder wrote.

Feder continued, “Not to parrot the Democrats by pushing amnesty and guest-worker programs ‘is the path to permanent political irrelevance’ for the Republican Party, The Times advised.”

“Wrong. By wide margins, the American people tell pollsters we have an immigration crisis on our hands and demand tough action. This includes a majority of African-Americans and a significant number of Hispanics,” Feder observed. “In a May 2007 New York Times/CBS News poll (which The Times somehow managed to overlook), 82% said not enough is being done to keep out illegal immigrants,” he said.

Feder also noted that even though he was the Republican most closely identified with the pro-amnesty position, John McCain got only 32% of the Hispanic vote in 2008 – one of the lowest percentages of any GOP presidential candidate in recent history.

The New York Times would love to have two open-borders parties. (That’s its idea of giving voters a choice.) For Republicans to take advice from their dear friends at the Gray Lady would be like Israel looking to Hamas for guidance on security matters,” Feder remarked.

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