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New AIM Report Reveals Soros Funding of CNN Program

A new AIM Report from Accuracy in Media discloses that a wealthy foundation sponsored by billionaire George Soros paid for research that went into a CNN program designed to further his agenda of ending incarceration for dangerous criminals. The just-released AIM Report says that the CNN program, “Reasonable Doubt: Can Crime Labs be Trusted?,” was written in part by a journalist who had received $45,000 from the Soros-funded Open Society Institute (OSI). But the CNN program did not disclose these facts to the viewers. The AIM Report is available at http://www.aim.org [1].

“CNN cannot remain ‘the most trusted name in news’ when it conceals this kind of information from viewers,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “CNN should be exposing Soros, not using his resources to air CNN programs.”

AIM also reveals that the National Conference for Media Reform, which was recently held in St. Louis and featured unsubstantiated charges that the U.S. military targets journalists in Iraq, was sponsored by a group that received $400,000 from the Soros-funded OSI over the last two years. Linda Foley, president of the 35,000-member Newspaper Guild, made headlines at the event by alleging, without evidence, that the U.S. military had “targeted” journalists in Iraq and had a “cavalier” approach toward their deaths. Former CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan made a similar wild charge and was forced to resign because of it.

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