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WASHINGTON—A New York Sun report today indicates that Lisa Fasulo, NBC and MSNBC correspondent to the UN, has defended her work and denied a conflict of interest stemming from a grant she received from Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation to help pay for her book, An Insider’s Guide to the UN.  News of the grant was first reported by Accuracy in Media (AIM) Editor Cliff Kincaid.

AIM is calling on NBC News to reveal how much money Fasulo has taken from Ted Turner’s UN Foundation. In a column released on Wednesday, Kincaid charged that the financial relationship may explain why she is so pro-UN in her 2004 book.  Fasulo “would not say how much money she received from the United Nations Foundation, which Ted Turner created in 1997 with $1 billion of his fortune,” The New York Sun has now reported in its follow-up story. Among other things, the book whitewashes UN chief Kofi Annan’s role in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

In email messages to Ms. Fasulo that were not answered, Kincaid asked her: “How much money did you accept from the UN Foundation, Better World Campaign, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund?” These are entities that she acknowledges helped underwrite the book project in some manner. Kincaid also asked her: “In the part of your book on Kofi Annan and Rwanda, you ignore the genocide fax from Annan’s office showing that he refused authorization for UN troops on the ground to prevent genocide. Why did you ignore that?”

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