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WASHINGTON ? Accuracy in Media today urged MSNBC President Rick Kaplan to let his conservative hosts, including Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough, to start acting and sounding like conservatives on the air. “We have noticed a disturbing trend on MSNBC,” said Cliff Kincaid, editor of AIM. “Shows featuring conservative hosts like Carlson and Scarborough seem designed to prevent them from speaking to issues of concern to conservatives. Carlson has been forced to turn over a significant amount of air time to a liberal guest from the failing Air America radio venture, while Scarborough, a former congressman with a solid grasp of public policy issues, has been endlessly covering missing person cases. ” 

In a column posted on the AIM web site, Kincaid argues that the Carlson show, which is being moved to a later time slot because of poor ratings, has been neutered by the presence of liberal guests like Rachel Maddow, a radio host on Air America, who delivers tired left-wing diatribes. “This is precisely what people don’t want to see or hear on a show that is supposed to feature a conservative,” Kincaid says.

Kincaid writes, “The show, as currently designed, is so fast-paced and diluted by liberals that it does not allow for Carlson or anybody else to present a consistent conservative point of view. If anything, the show’s poor ratings should be seen as a verdict on the appeal of Maddow rather than Carlson.”

MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, featuring Joe Scarborough, has been playing down the host’s conservative political positions so that flashy missing-person stories can be played up. “This may generate short-term ratings,” said Kincaid, “but the long-term result will be that conservatives will turn off the network. Scarborough should tell Kaplan that ‘enough is enough’ and get back to serious issues.”

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