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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) today criticized the media attacks on the wife of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts as an invasion of her personal privacy and Catholic-bashing.  Cliff Kincaid, editor of AIM, said, “It looks like the press is trying to discredit Judge Roberts by ridiculing the personal religious and pro-life views and lifestyle of his wife. The media’s pro-abortion bias is now on display for all to see.” 

“It is apparent that the witch hunt is on,” Kincaid said. “The media are in full attack mode. But can’t the media find enough decency to leave the lady alone? She is not the nominee. Her husband is.”

The latest installment in this attack comes from The Washington Post “reporter” Hanna Rosin, who previously wrote a controversial story making fun of the physical appearances and views of conservative activists Howard Phillips and Alan Keyes. In a “Style” section story today, Ms. Rosin invades Ms. Roberts’ privacy by analyzing her personal reproductive history and the circumstances under which the family adopted two children. Rosin also prominently mentions Ms. Roberts’ affiliations with Feminists for Life and various Catholic institutions and groups, mentioning the word “Catholic” five times.  Implying that Ms. Roberts is a zealot, Rosin writes that she is “very devout” and “seems unequivocally antiabortion in her personal views.”

The Rosin attack piece follows similar articles about Ms. Roberts’ pro-life views in The Boston Globe and The Los Angeles Times, two other liberal papers.

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