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Media to “Bork” Court Nominee through Wife; AIM Urges Senate to Reject Media Bigotry

WASHINGTON—Confirming the worst fears of Accuracy in Media (AIM) ? that the media will surreptitiously attack Supreme Court nominee John Roberts by targeting the pro-life views of his wife—National Public Radio reporter Nina Totenberg said on Sunday’s Meet the Press that the matter is on “everybody’s mind” and that people think because she’s pro-life, her husband must be as well. “Nobody’s going to say that.  They may think that,” she told host Tim Russert.

AIM editor Cliff Kincaid, who has called on the media to cease the personal attacks on Ms. Roberts, said Totenberg’s remarks show how a pro-abortion bias in the media will affect coverage of the nominee.

“When Totenberg says ‘everybody’ is thinking about this, she means her friends in the media,” Kincaid said. “This revealing statement indicates a new form of ‘Borking’ is in the air,” he added, referring to how liberal journalists and politicians destroyed the nomination of Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork by attacking him personally. Kincaid explained, “Reporters understand that they can’t go after Judge Roberts because his record and credentials are impeccable. So they will be going after his wife. It’s a new low in coverage of Supreme Court nominees.” 

On Friday, AIM issued a press release urging the media to refrain from personal attacks on Ms. Roberts. But on Saturday, The New York Times followed The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and The Boston Globe in critically highlighting Ms. Roberts’ work in Feminists for Life and her Catholic religious affiliations. Typically, the coverage implies that Ms. Roberts is a religious zealot and that her husband is probably like-minded.

Kincaid called the approach “bigotry.”

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